Feb 26, 2017

15 Very Good Service Animals Guaranteed To Make Your Heart Feel Full

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This very good pony, who helps their human with a nerve disorder:

Again, another reason I live in the mountains!! #coniferkingsoopers #miniturehorse #serviceanimals

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This unlikely little sprout:

Buttons the service squirrel #itsathing #serviceanimals #dallas

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Sammie, who helps their human navigate through the world:

Mums birthday dinner. ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ

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This little angel who is in training:

Ms. Tess and her trainers! #servicedogintraining @warriorcanineconnection

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This gorgeous girl on all the adventures with her Mom:

This group of very good friends who are about to come the best service companions ever:

This handsome dude who stands tall and proud in his service.


And this buddy who might be dressed as the *underdog*, but is really the *top dog* of service companions:



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