Oct 9, 2016

20 Halloween Wreaths That Are Terrifyingly Easy To Make.

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When people think of Halloween, they think of dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. The holiday is supposed to be the scariest holiday of the year, which means scary decorations — this means fake blood, spider webs made out of stretched cotton balls, and etc.

When brainstorming different ideas for Halloween decorations, most people don't think of wreaths. Wreaths are more commonly associated with happier holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. They're the first decor a guest sees when coming over, giving them a big "welcome" into the household. They're pretty and nice to look at.

Wreaths, however, can also be creepy and eerie yet still great to look at! They'll instantly put your house in a Halloween mood and put a smile to all your trick-or-treaters' faces.

If you still don't believe wreaths belong in the Halloween season, take a look at some of the creative DIY ones below. Who knows, you might even end up making one of your own this year.

#1. Jason Voorhees

If you don’t really don’t know where to start. try thinking of your favorite horror film. After you figure that out, use the main antagonist from the movie as the theme of your wreath like this Jason one!

#2. Mummy Hand

Be creative with your wreath, you don’t necessairly have to keep it strictly a circle. Try adding other objects onto the wreath that may give it more dimension like this mummy hand.

#3. Maleficient

Everyone knows Maleficent as one of the fairy tale villains from The Sleeping Beauty. Being the evil person she is, she’s the perfect person to base a Halloween wreath on!

#4. Bats Galore

If you have a lot of fallen tree branches in your front or backyard, use them to your advantage! Collect as many small ones as you can and use them to create the base of your seasonal wreath.

#5. Witch's Circle

Halloween isn’t complete without a cranky old witch somewhere on her broom! You can also add a black crow to the witch.

#6. Black Crow

Black crows are associated with death and the netherworld so what better eerie animal to base your wreath on other than this bird. Create the outline out of entwining branches to give it the full eerie vibe.

#7. Acorn Nest

A beautiful wreath made out of acorns and branches! This works as both an Autumn and Halloween wreath. You could probably get away with leaving this wreath hanging even after Halloween passes.

#8. Skeleton Bones

Don’t limit yourself to just skeleton heads. If you have access to other skeleton body parts, try creating an entire wreath based out of those parts.

#9. Spider Web

If you’re a crafty person who keeps a lot of yarn at home, then you already have what you need for this wreath! Use black yarn to create the web within the center and then different colored balls of yarn to decorate the outline.

#10. Spider Nest

Don’t use up all those cotton balls on decorating around the house! Save some for your wreath as well to create a web.

#11. Eerie Skeleton Crawling Out

Combine everything and anything that reminds you of the holiday into your wreath, including skeletons and super dark components. Even dark flowers are a great add-on.

#12. Black Cat

Although they shouldn’t be, black cats are often associated with bad luck and a classic symbol of Halloween. Put a big black cat in the middle of any wreath to instantly turn it into Halloween-themed.

#13. Cookie Monster

Although Cookie Monster isn’t typically a character people are scared of or reminds people of Halloween, it’s still a monster. And any monster is fitting for Halloween!

#14. Burlap

If you don’t feel like going all out and shopping/researching for all sorts of decor, you can always make a wreath out of burlap! Just make sure to use Halloween colors.

#15. Mini Skeleton Heads

If you want your wreath to somehow resemble a graveyard, try filling your wreath with multiple mini skeleton heads. It’ll be like multiple passed away souls protecting your front door.

#16. Black Feathers

This one is one of the more simple wreaths yet very elegant looking. And you only need one main ingredient really: black feathers!

#17. Lady Skull

The best Halloween wreaths are the ones that use s uncommon objects like this one with the wig! Think outside of the box for the most creative wreath ideas.

#18. Tree Branches

Much like the feather wreath, this wreath is also very simple yet elegant. Instead of only using feathers, this wreath is purely made out of branches and the spirals it creates looks amazing.

#19. Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and people of Mexican heritage. It typically starts on the day of Halloween and lasts until November 2nd. If you’re one of the people who celebrate this holiday, why not make a wreath that focus’ on the sugar skulls that are associated with Day of the Dead?

#20. Jack Skeleton

If you love Tim Burton and The Nightmare Before Christmas, you should definitely invest in making a Jack Skeleton wreath. Make sure you use only black and white and include Jack’s face somewhere in it!



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