Mar 24, 2017

20 Sassy Puppies Who Are Really Feelin’ Themselves On National Puppy Day

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Today is National Puppy Day, when we lavish all the love and affection we possibly can on our adorable little pups.

But really, let’s be honest — we spoil the crap out of our fluffy babies pretty much every day of the year. Most puppies get so used to being treated like the royalty they are, in fact, that they develop quite the attitude if they think they aren’t getting enough attention. That’s why we’ve decided that the only way to appease our tiny four-legged overlords is to share with you just how adorable they can be.

If you can’t remember what it’s like to have a puppy because yours is fully grown, here are 20 nuggets to remind you that they are chock-full of sass.

1. Here’s what you’ll get if you try to wake up this puppy for a walk.



3. When your hooman embarrasses you in public.

4. Have fun trying to resist this little guy.

Pupper shows off his sassy side.

5. “I was promised a walk TWO HOURS AGO.”

6. “You think I’d actually play with this piece of junk?”

7. “You wish you were this adorable.”


8. “Um, if you could knock first, that’d be great.”

9. Here’s how this little guy feels about your stupid rules.



11. “You can give me those treats any day now…”

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12. “Not today, hooman — just back off.”

13. “Think I’m all cute now? Just wait ’til I pee on your precious rug.”

14. “Um…’scuse me. You cannot have my sweater back.”


15. And winner of the biggest diva award goes to…

16. He has just as much ‘tude as he does rolls.


17. “What the eff are you looking at?!”

18. “I am NOT in the mood for your crap today.”


19. “I can’t help that I’m way more fabulous than you.”

20. This pupper just doesn’t wanna hear it.

It’s really no wonder why everyone says puppies are a handful. Good thing they’re so cute! Share this with your friends whose puppies are complete buckets of sass!




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