May 24, 2017

After Saving This Kitty During A Race, They Had The Cutest Ride Of All Time

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BrazilIan biker Viitor Fonseca has made quite the name for himself on the cycling circuit.

But his numerous awards and recognitions would be for naught if he did not continue to keep up his daily training regiment. They say practice makes perfect, so to strive for perfection, Fonseca enjoys long rides often both to clear his mind and stay on his game.

On a recent joyride, Fonseca noticed a tiny kitten that was left to fend for itself along the side of the road.

Fonseca and his riding partner knew they couldn’t leave just leave it, so they scooped the baby up and brought it with them!

But with limited space to secure the cat to safety, Fonseca decided to nestle the tiny creature inside the head hole of his biking shirt.

And then the kitty did something so cute the whole way home!

(via Bored Panda)

We finally have our proof that everything is significantly better when there’s a kitten involved. Be sure to share Fonseca’s awesome rescue video with cat lovers who will go cat crazy for this beautiful new friendship.



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