Apr 25, 2016

Giant Pandas Are Definitely The Cutest Creature Out There — And Here’s The Proof

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Though they were previously believed to be closer relatives to raccoons, giant pandas are in fact big, burly bears.

When they’re born, the black-and-white babies weigh just a few ounces, but they grow up to be anywhere from 220 to 250 pounds. Here to prove that big is beautiful and adorable, we present you with some of the most precious pandas out there. Get ready to fall in love.

This big momma has some serious dance moves.

An apple a day keeps the panda vet away.


Didn’t your mom ever teach you table manners?

Nothing to see here…just a clumsy panda on a swing.

It’s settled…pandas on children’s playgrounds are the best.

“I steal your heart now?” Yes, yes you do.

This birthday party contains far too much cute to be legal.

SOMEone’s gonna need a bath later…

“I’ll show you all my balance beam tricks…just as soon as I get on it.”

“Bring it in, big guy!”

“What in the…what is this sorcery?!”

Milk mustache game: so strong.

“Faster, faster! Yeehaww!!”

I think we can all agree, few things are better in life than a snow day and sliding down a big hill.

If it’s possible, I just fell more in love with giant pandas.




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