Sep 6, 2016

Guy Trolls Celebrities By Photoshopping Himself Into Their Photos.

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Hanging out with celebrities isn't always the experience you expect to have. Some celebs are much greater people to hang out with than others.

Average Rob knows this very much so as he's had interaction with all sorts of celebrities. And he has photos of all his experiences to prove it! Rob knows first band that it ain't always all sunshines and rainbows.

Look below for photos of him hanging out with people like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Kim Jong Un, Hilary Clinton, and many more. Haters will say these photos are photoshopped but I say let the man live.

When you hate the people you work for.

No one ever said working for the Trump family would be easy.

When you question what the hell you signed up for again.

Oh Hilary, what are you up to.

When Macklemore steals your bicycle after school.

Don’t you have enough money to buy your own bike?

When Queen Elizabeth welcomes you into the UK with open arms.

Such a sweet little old lady.

When Jennifer Lawrence takes you on a ride to help you get over your horse-phobia.

But it only increases your fear of horses.

When you go back into the past and show Macaulay Culkin what he will look like in the future.

It’s a pretty scary sight.

When you're the reason Donald Trump's hair was blown away.

How else are we supposed to prove it’s not real?

When you're brainstorming about break up songs with Taylor Swift.

I knew Taylor didn’t write all those songs on her own!

When you're that friend that has to click on the camera button to take a selfie

Hillary, your duckface looks horrible. You need to work on it.

When you and Justin Bieber find a water hose at his concert.

And the next thing you know, you’re making it rain old school style.

When Selena Gomez is making a move on you while her man is making her a sandwich in the kitchen.

This is not the appropriate time, Selena!

When Ed Sheeran helps you seal an envelope to Santa.

Good guy Ed, always lending a helping hand when needed.

When you're trying to tell Beyonce to grab something for you.

But she’s too busy being Beyonce to hear you.

When you've got the shittiest job at the White House.

Someone needs to potty train that dog.

When Adele is taking up all the space on the couch.

She can be so selfish sometimes.

When the Stormtroopers finally have awaken.

So what exactly happened last night?

When a wild Pikachu appeared and your friends are stuck at loading screen.

Looks like Kim and Kanye have bad reception.

When you arrive at the library with Rhianna and all the seats are taken.

You can’t let things like this prevent you from doing your work work work work work work.

When you have to be the mediator between Freddy Krueger and Jason.

Why not call it even and enjoy Halloween together?

When Taylor Swift doesn't pick up her legos after she's done playing with them.

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

When you have a dream about Leonard DeCaprio.

It gets pretty wild.

When you have enough urine to successfully write Drake's name in the snow.

Drizzy must be so proud.

When Kendall Jenner gives you a piggyback ride in her Calvins.

It doesn’t get much more intimate than this.

When Tyler The Creator and Kanye ask for a party trick.

And when you receive a request like that from those people, you better deliver.

When you're invited to Kim Jong-un's birthday party.

And run into Nicki Minaj there.

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