Jun 14, 2017

Holy Shit, These Are The Actors Inside The “Teletubbies” Costumes

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If you haven’t already repressed it, then you probably remember The Teletubbies.


It’s been 16 long years (yes, you’re that old) since we saw Tinky Winky become a handbag icon.


But you’ve probably never seen the person behind each “alien” costume…until now:

Pui Fan Lee as Po


TheCoreCorby / Via youtube.com

What she’s up to now: She currently has a traveling kid’s show alongside actor Chris Jarvis named The Chris and Pui Show. She has also written for the CBeebies show Old Jack’s Boat.

John Simmit as Dipsy


johnsimmit / instagram.com

What he’s up to now: He’s currently a promoter, stand-up comedian, and DJ.

Nikky Smedley as Laa Laa


TEDx Talks / Via youtube.com

What she’s up to now: She goes by “The Storyteller” and provides education and training to adults about the art of children’s storytelling, puppetry, and creating for children. She also teaches pilates.

Mark Heenehan as Tinky Winky #1

Three different actors played Tinky Winky throughout the series.

What he’s up to now: He is currently in London appearing as The Judge in the musical On The Town.

Dave Thompson as Tinky Winky #2

What he’s up to now: He is now a stand-up comic and most recently appeared in The Harry Hill Movie.

And finally, Simon Shelton as Tinky Winky #3



What he’s up to now: He’s pretty invisible to a simple Google search, but he’s a trained ballet dancer and choreographer so I’m sure he’s doing something great.

Now you can rest easy.




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