May 29, 2017

Jaden Smith Tweeted About A Hotel And I’m Kind Of Dying

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Jaden Smith is the child of Will and Jada, brother of Willow, and (to speak truthfully) a bit of a wonderful weirdo.

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If you’re like me, then you appreciate Jaden’s specific brand of…Jaden-ess.

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Also if you’re like me, you will be enthralled, confused, and obsessed with a string of tweets he wrote about his recent stay in Toronto.

You see, it looks like Jaden stayed at the Four Seasons in Toronto.

The Four Seasons In Toronto Just Made Me Want to Throw Up On MySelf.

He was not a fan.

I Hope The Four Seasons In Toronto Puts Me On The No Stay List.

But the most incredible piece of information conveyed in these tweets is the fact that they SPIKED his PANCAKES with CHEESE.

The Four Seasons In Toronto Spiked My Pancakes With Cheese, I’m Surprised I’m Still Alive.

I could not find menus on the hotel’s website (yes, I am in DEEP), but E! was able to get to the bottom of the pancake/cheese debacle:

As for some intel on the cheese-“spiked” pancakes: Four Seasons chain is famous for their “Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes,” which is a dish that E! News can confirm is served at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto.

Lemon. Ricotta. Hotcakes. I am no genius — I didn’t even take calculus in high school, instead I took a weird math class where all we did was watch 21 and learn how to do sudoku — but I am pretty sure ricotta is cheese.

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I mean, it sure does look like cheese but WHO KNOWS?!

And since every Twitter rant needs an ending, Jaden came up with the best one:

So let’s recap: Jaden wanted to throw up on himself, after he was fed cheese-spiked pancakes (lemon ricotta hotcakes) that he presumably ordered, and this was after they kicked him out of his room?

Reps for Jaden and the Four Seasons Toronto didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

IDK, y’all. Kids, nowadays.

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