Jun 7, 2017

Jonathan Cheban Doesn’t Know What A Sink Is And I Have Questions

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This is Jonathan Cheban. You might know him as Kim Kardashian’s best friend, or if you’re Martha Stewart, you might not know him at all!

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Jonathan fancies himself a bit of a foodie — he literally calls himself “Foodgōd,” don’t ask me why — so you would THINK he knows his way around a kitchen!

BUT YOU’D BE WRONG. Here’s a picture of Jonathan with Kris Jenner enjoying a huge-ass sundae. Notice his caption: “Everything and the kitchen thing with Kris.”



Enterprising young reporter that I am, I had to answer the question: Does Jonathan Cheban know what a sink is?


Here’s my theory: Jonathan MUST have known that he was eating something called a “kitchen” something. But he couldn’t think of the word, so he just used “thing.”

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FYI, these types of sundaes are called “kitchen sinks.”

This is the face of someone who has to enjoy ice cream next to someone who doesn’t know what a kitchen sink is:

*JUST TO BE SAFE* I tried spelling out variations of “sink” on iMessage to see if autocorrect might change a misspelling of “sink” to “thing” but… it wouldn’t!


Case closed. It seems the Foodgōd…is just a mere mortal after all.




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