Dec 9, 2016

She Thought Finding A Stranger In Her Shower Once Was Bad, But The Truth Was Worse

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When a woman was jolted out of sleep by shouting and the sound of her shower running on November 28, she realized there was an intruder in her bedroom.

She quickly took her eight and 12-year-old daughters to another room and hid while she called the Scottsdale, Arizona, police. After they arrived at her house and arrested 50-year-old Scott Alan Lamarsh, she was horrified to learn that they had been the ones to drop him off there after he got into a drunken fight. As it turns out, he lived at the address a few years before.

What’s worse is that she later learned that this wasn’t the first time he had broken in.


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You really have to wonder why her neighbors never told her about this until the police got involved. Share if this story gave you the creeps! And please, if you see something bad happening to those around you, say something.



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