Jun 6, 2016

The Actual ‘Full House’ Is For Sale, And It’s Nothing Like You’d Expect.

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Who can forget the iconic Victorian house with the red door from the TV show Full House. Located in the Lower Pacific Heights neighbourhood in San Francisco, the home looks nothing like the one from the show. The classic and sophisticated interior is a contrast to the colourful and often cluttered abode where the Tanners lived.

And any die hard that wants to live in this stunning home, you may be in luck as the house has been put up for sale. Before you decide to move to San Francisco the asking price is a mere $4.15 million. You may want to just enjoy getting a rare glimpse and tour of the famous place.

Full House first aired in 1987. It made actor John Stamos an instant heartthrob.

The show was originally going to be call House of Comics.

Full House first aired in 1987. It made actor John Stamos an instant heartthrob.

Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images; Google Maps

The Victorian home was built in 1883. It is considered a landmark in San Francisco from fans.

Although in the show the family lives in San Francisco, only one episode was actually filmed in this city.

The exterior has gotten a makeover, maybe it was done to avoid the unwanted attention.

Even with the red door painted a soft lime color, people still recognize the home and often fans are seen taking photos of the infamous house.

A look inside the famous home. The interior of the house was never used for the show.

Although it looks completely different in the interior from the actual show, this house is stunning.

The oldest and biggest of the seven houses known as the "Painted Ladies."

Neighbours often complain at the number of noisy fans and tourists who flock to the home.

People like to drive in front of the house with the theme song playing at full volume.

Although no toys can be found lying around here.

The 3,125 square footage house has three bedrooms, an office, and 3 1/2 baths.

The room is a comfortable and reading nook.

The home was originally built by Charles Lewis Hinkel.

It is located at 1708 Broderick Street.

Three fireplaces can be found in this stunning house.

The house overlooks street lined trees outside.

No detail is missed here; beautiful art frames are everywhere in the home.

Elegant wall paper and a bannister staircase leads to the bedrooms upstairs.

The kitchen has been updated with a more modern design and plenty of natural light.

Art pieces line the back wall in the kitchen and the counter even has room for more books.

A floor to ceiling bookcase. Someone must love reading here.

Books and art frames line this bookworm’s paradise.

Yelp has reviews of fans experience visiting the famous Tanner house.

Many point out their disappointment that the house is not on the San Francisco hill as seen on the opening credits.

Fuller House debuted on Netflix this year which will help bring back the house's popularity,

The continuation to the original follows the life of the oldest daughter DJ Tanner raising her own kids in her childhood home.

The home has built-in bookcases in the main bedroom.

A desk and a sitting area are found in this spacious bedroom.

Everything flows in the blue room. Take a look at the gorgeous carpet.

A delicate and beautiful bedroom with blue accents like the bed and chair.

The bedrooms look like they belong in an expensive hotel.

This may be a kid’s room who loves the quaky animals.

Inflated market and high cost of living make this house very expensive.

The price of the house today is seven times the cost than when the show originally aired.

The only part of the house that resembles the Tanner's place.

The lower level is a more relaxed room with toys and a TV to watch Full House reruns.

And just when you think this house cannot get anymore beautitul, French doors open to a green getaway.

An English garden with trimmed hedges, pots, and an outdoor dining is the perfect place to relax.



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