May 19, 2017

What’s The Funniest Thing You Did To Try And Get Pregnant?

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Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be HARD.

So it’s perfectly understandable if you did something a little out of the ordinary/slightly crazy/maybe even WTF-tastic to try to get pregnant.

For example, you might have made it a practice to do a handstand after sex.

Flickr: marysalome / Via Creative Commons

Or maybe you took random advice from your mom, great aunt, or the old man at the store?

Flickr: matwiemann / Via Creative Commons

Did you pray to a fertility Goddess? Or use astrology to find the right time to try?

Flickr: tachyondecay / Via Creative Commons

If you’re a guy, did you switch to boxers or have an awkward time giving a sperm sample?

Did you seek advice from a medicine woman? Go app crazy? Drink syrup? Bust out a turkey baster?

askomra14 / Via

Whatever you did — we want to hear it! Share it in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!



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